Who Are We ?

Of course, pet owners.  6 cats and two 8 year old yellow lab & miniature eskimo mix dogs + 1 newly acquired 15 year old black lab mix.

The business Angela is involved in supplies veterinarians, humane societies and animal care professionals across the country with animal care products.  We've had the opportunity to listen to alot of stories, many from the shelters about owner surrender mainly because of the cost of food.

The statistics, the economy and our love of animals (not to mention the unconditional love they give) inspires the Chow Pantry. 

Section 501(c)(3) IRS approved status.

The past 8 years the ChowPantry has distributed monthly along side the food pantries in Boone, Hendricks & Marion counties.

The average Saturday we provide 8-10 lbs. of dog food to 50 +  dogs and  3 lbs. of cat food to 40 + cats. 

Approximately 30,000 + pounds of food per year.  And treats of course, when we can.

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